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Discovering WHY people work - the drives, the motivators, the rushes - is an essential element in creating winning teams and highly effective one-on-one relationships in the workplace. According to recent studies, companies that obtain a values "pulse" on the organization foster a climate of productivity. The operative dynamic for successful teams is values. When values are understood, appreciated and respected, there is a substantial reduction of on-the-job conflicts between people and among team members. In addition, winning teams demonstrate two or three values that are common to team members. In this type of environment, a genuine values driven culture emerges.

For maximum impact, this report is highly visual and uses language that encourages acceptance.

Pro-ActiveValues™is an internet questionnaire used to discover the intensity of six values, guiding principles and motivation factors active in the work environment: Theoretical, Economic, Individualistic, Altruistic, Political, and Regulatory. It is the only report in the marketplace that reveals training, professional development and learning insights about the subject. This helps training departments create training programs that will be effective for learners.

Why Other Companies like Pro-ActiveValues™

"The number of conflicts reported - between manager and direct reports or within teams - decreased dramatically when we started making Pro-ActiveValues™ available in our company. Interestingly, no one had to change his or her style. Teams did not change direction or methods. Instead, after workshops to understand what the reports mean and how to achieve a values-driven culture, people simply became more aware of what drives their behavior, and the behavior of their associates."

"The reports are easy for people to read and comprehend because they are so visual. When we discovered Pro-ActiveValues™, we learned that the confusing graphs and charts are a thing of the past."

"I looked under the hood of this tool to find out more about the reliability and statistical support of the text files that produce the report itself. I am more comfortable when I know that an assessment is in continuous development with actual workshop and focus group participants. This one has been, since 1986."

*The American Society of Training & Development (ASTD) defines Training Investment Leaders (TIL) as companies that invest significantly in developing human capital.

Pro-ActiveValues™ is a registered trademark of Target Consultants, Inc.

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