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Pro-Active Styles

When people discover their own unique behavior styles, they take the first step toward working more collaboratively with their managers, team members, and fellow employees.

Until now, behavioral assessment reports contained pages of graph plotting points, making them difficult for the layperson to understand. Until now, behavioral assessment reports failed to engage people or, worse, caused a feeling of defensiveness.

Meet Pro-ActiveStyles™, named for the unique features that cause people to take action. When individuals take a pro-active role and interact with their reports, good things happen in the workplace.

For maximum impact, this report is highly visual and uses language that encourages acceptance.

Pro-ActiveStyles™is an online questionnaire based on Marston's four-dimensional DISC model. Four behavior components are explored: Decisive, Interactive, Stabilizing and Cautious. Because the report also includes feedback on the subject's learning and facilitating style, this tool helps people who will be called upon to teach, train, facilitate or present information in the course of their work.

Why Other Companies Pro-ActiveStyles™

What people in our company liked best about their reports were the colorful thermometer and pie charts, indicating the 'degree of DISC' in each person's preferences. Because the reports are simple and highly visual, people understand them."

"I never liked the definitive style of typical behavioral profiles - you know, 'Jack is direct, and some people think he is insensitive.' That kind of style makes many people defensive. Pro-ActiveStyles™ always says a person 'scores like people who are…' So, Jack scores like people who are direct. Jack doesn't get defensive. That means he is more likely to accept his report and adapt his behavior style when it counts."

"I am a stickler for validity. I like the fact that this tool has a strong scientific base, in addition to its style features. The greater the number of text files, the more specific and accurate a description will be for a subject. Pro-ActiveStyles™ uses three times the text resources that other profiles use."

*The American Society of Training & Development (ASTD) defines Training Investment Leaders (TIL) as companies that invest significantly in developing human capital.

Pro-ActiveStyles™ is a registered trademark of Target Consultants, Inc.

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