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The Leadership Benchmark™

Leaders exhibit marked differences in individual traits, habits, competencies, styles, values and skills. Yet leaders have one thing in common: they achieve results and create conditions that encourage others to follow.

Most research and assessment tools in the area of leadership development concern themselves with contributions that leaders make - their input. The Leadeship Benchmark™ is unique because of its focus on the gains that leaders achieve - their output. Because of this approach, current and future leaders can make a realistic judgements about the impact their leadership has on the company and on others in the company. Their assessment becomes an important personal benchmark as well as a catalyst for organizational growth.

Four Hallmarks of Effective Leadership

The Leadership Benchmark™is an online 360º profiling tool that provides the leader with specific feedback on how well they are creating leadership conditions within the team, group, or the entire organization. It answers, how well does this person foster:

  • A shared understanding of the environment?
  • A shared vision of where we are going?
  • A shared set of organizational values?
  • A shared feeling of power?

Why Other Companies like The Leadership Benchmark™

"In order to be meaningful, feedback must be given within the context of an organization. It is great to talk about what leaders achieve, but that is only useful if we can talk about what leaders must achieve in a particular company. This profile is valuable because it allows us to make results specific to our unique culture."

"When I have several report perspectives, I can fine tune the results to a number of different groups - and, in our company, we have many different groups that incorporate some aspect of leadership development. The Leadership Benchmark™ gives me four valuable report perspectives."

NOTE: The perspectives are:

  1. How the leader's perception of his/her leadership outputs compares with the perceptions of others (manager, peers, team).
  2. Relative scores of all raters within the four leadership areas
  3. Whether the leader should display more, less, or the same amount of each behavior

The Leadership Benchmark™ is a registered trademark of the National Learning Institute.

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