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Management Competency Assessment

The ability of one group - the management team - is particulary critical to the success of any organization. To improve managerial skill, an individual must link his or her knowledge of current effectiveness to an appropriate personal learning and development plan, with periodic reassessment of those benchmarks over time.

Until now, companies lacked a means to link performance with learning and development. The Management Competency Assessment™ was developed with organizations over a ten year period to provide a unique and effective answer to the performance-development dilemma. The end product is a comprehensive profiling tool that enhances not only the evaluation process of the company but also its bottom line results.

Five Key Areas of Managerial Effectiveness

The Management Competency Assessment is a comprehensive online 360° profiling tool that covers 50 behaviors in these key managerial effectiveness areas:

  • Gaining commitment to goals and performance standards
  • Coaching
  • Assessing performance and providing feedback
  • Providing recognition and rewards
  • Managing for continuity of performance

Why Other Companies like The Management Competency Assessment™

"No other profile provides so many report views for in-depth analysis." The views are:

  1. How the manager's perception of his or her behavior compares with the perception of others
  2. Relative scores of all raters within the five areas
  3. Each rater's opinion about whether the manager should display more, less, or the same behavior in the future
  4. Comments by raters on all five effectiveness areas

"I like the fact that I can customize this profile to fit our organization. We've added questions, omitted questions at different times, so that the profile is part of our existing performance management and training evaluation process."

"We use the 'before and after' comparisons so that people can plan their development process and then measure their progress over time."

The Management Competency Assessment™ is a registered trademark of the National Learning Institute.

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