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Is it time to take a pulse on your organization? Comprehensive surveys are excellent, but they are expensive to administer and time-consuming for employees. So what do you do when it's time to get a reading on critical areas of corporate health, but you want to do it in a low cost, quick and easy way?

Some companies use CHECKpoint™ to bridge the gap to their next full-scale organizational survey. Others say that CHECKpoint™ delivers everything a company would want to know about motivation, satisfaction, the inspiration of leadership, and how people feel about serving internal and external customers.

In only 25 questions that can be completed online in 10 minutes, you can establish an important checkpoint on the health of your company. But don't let its simplicity fool you. Beneath this pulse beats the heart of rigorous design, based on the work of two of the most influential psychologists of our time: D. C. McLelland and F. Hertzberg.

Four Critical Areas of Organizational Health

CHECKpoint™ is an internet-based survey that provides a pulse reading of an organization's health:

  • Motivating Factors: how does the organization provide people with real motivation at work?
  • Satisfying Factors: what keeps people happy?
  • Leadership: what is the quality of direction, leadership, and sense of "team" at the company?
  • Customer Focus: how well does the company service and reach customers (external and internal)?

Why Other Companies like CHECKpoint™

"It is disappointing but true: a company cannot conduct a major survey often enough to stay ahead of important feedback and subtle but critical organizational changes.

We use CHECKpoint™ semi-annually to stay ahead of the curve, gauge improvement, and make adjustments."

"The reports allow us to get a reading on where the organization scores and how important these factors are to respondents. The prioritization of factors is invaluable because it helps us know what to work on first."

"We get a great deal of positive information from the Suggested Action report that we receive each time we conduct a CHECKpoint™ survey. It points us in the right direction by recommending group facilitation processes - for example, training, focus groups, and change teams."

CHECKpoint™ is a registered trademark of the National Learning Institute.

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