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Board Oversight

Maset Board Representation:

Maset can provide senior level executives that you can appoint to your Board of Directors to hold your organization accountable for significant benefits from improvement programs such as six-sigma, TQM, project management and product management.

The benefit of these business improvement methods to organizations is maximized when significant divisions are fully engaged in their use (ideally all divisions). Our executives will critique the efforts at business improvement, deliver examples and coach on techniques that the CEO/COO may use to ensure the business is responding appropriately to the investment in such techniques.

Maset professionals will:

  1. Attend up to four Board meetings per year
  2. Work with the CEO/COO and appropriate direct reports to develop business improvement initiatives
  3. Review summary data from all improvement projects and activities and evaluate their return to the company investment
  4. Identify where an appropriate management methodology will provide significant benefits
  5. Act as an independent reviewer of the person or people responsible for improved business performance
  6. Provide advice that will lead to significant improvement in business results
  7. Identify executives at other companies that can provide peer-to-peer guidance on best techniques to the CEO/COO and direct reports

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