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Business Process Analysis


MASET can show you a positive return on your Investment (ROI) before you spend a dime. The Business Process Analysis examines all aspects of your companyís operations, finances, and plans. It is a detailed assessment of your organizationís capability and readiness to deal with the key issues that must be addressed to achieve your goals.


To provide your management team with a framework and a context that can be used to assess options, risks, and priorities. Using our proprietary tools, we combine an assessment of company-specific issues and data with industry-specific trends and challenges to identify your companyís unique opportunities and to identify critical constraints.

Once specific opportunities have been identified, take targeted actions to minimize risks and maximize returns.


Owners and CEO's of small & mid size organizations


Be able to rapidly generate increased profits for your business


  1. Visit the facility, take a tour of the facility, and discuss the business. All work is done under a formal, confidential non-disclosure agreement (ND).
  2. Obtain copies of normal past financial information.
  3. Using proprietary software, we would perform the Business Analysis and prepare a written report.
  4. Visit and explain outcome of the Business Analysis identifying areas where MASET can provide you at least a 5:1 Return on Investment.
  5. Once we have discussed the results of the analysis with you, the report will be turned over to you.
  6. The next step would be to conduct a root cause analysis (1 to 5 days).
  7. MASET would prepare a proposal on the areas we feel the greatest improvement at the lowest cost can be implemented.
  8. After your review of the proposal and your agreement to proceed (signed letter of agreement), we will begin work.
  9. Our commitment is to help you rapidly generate increased profits for your business.

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