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On our WEB we plan to include examples of the results our Customers achieved using the products and services we provided. Our objective is to provide you with the tools and skills to achieve the same results in your organization.

This section will grow rapidly as we continue to add examples. Visit our Web page often to see the successes others have achieved that you, too, could achieve.

Preparation of a document package for submission

Cycle Time Reduction - Order to Payment in a Custom and Standard Manufacturing Environment

Research and the confirmation of a new idea for development

Cycle Time Reduction

Defect Reduction in Manufacturing

Customer Relationship Management

Checkbook Ordering

Technology Support Improvement Project

Developing a Vision and a 3-Year Action Plan

Conduct a Quality Systems Review of the Entire Business

Providing required information to dealers on New Products

Providing service to Customers who have called requesting service - A Call Center

Project Management & Strategic Planning

Project Fast Start for developing a new product

Order to payment in a high Volume Manufacturing environment

Decreasing time to register students at a large urban college

Decreasing time to process purchase requisitions

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Maricopa, AZ 85239
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