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Success Stories
Product or service: Cycle Time Reduction
Industry: Pharmaceutical
Process type: Research and confirmation of a new idea
Date of intervention: June 2000

A Cross Functional Process Mapping of the process to "identify a usable compound for a possible new drug":

As-Is session held June 2000:
    Generated 290 issues
    38 Participants
    Cycle time was 410 weeks

Should-Be session held August 2000:
    Generated 60 action items
    47 Participants
    Cycle time decrease projected to 214 weeks

    Cycle time reduced 196 weeks
    Percentage improvement 47.8%

Current Status and Results:
    Implementation in process
    Developed a way to identify a prospect and prove the hypothesis very quickly
    Identified many rules, policies and practices that were delaying all new development
    Able to get the organization to accept ending work
    on low probability ideas

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