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Success Stories
Product or service: Six Sigma Culture
Industry: Financial Institution
Process type: Customer Relationship Management
Date of intervention: 1998-1999

Critical Business Issue:

The time that the Relationship Manager devotes to customers is low, due to the large number of accounts per Relationship Manager. This affects Customer Satisfaction and revenue opportunities. Actions Taken:

Application of the Six Steps to Six Sigma by the Customer Relationship Management team. This resulted in segmenting the customer base based on projected revenues and reallocating resources and personal contacts to the right customers.


  • Share of wallet increased from 16% to 18.87%.
  • Customer Per Officer ratio improved from 28 to 15 for the "Top Customer" Segment.
  • Customer Satisfaction Index increased from 65% to 80% among all customer groups.
  • Increased revenue generated by over 4% above budgeted increase.

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