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Success Stories
Product or service: Six Sigma Culture
Industry: Financial Institution
Process type: Technology Support Improvement Project
Date of intervention: 1997 - 1998

Critical Business Issue:

The internal customers of the IT Support department were not receiving timely responses to their requests for assistance. Actions Taken:

Monthly defect data was collected and an attempt to apply Six Sigma tools failed because the problem was so pervasive. A Cross Functional Process Mapping project was initiated which included many of the IT customers on the team.


  • Awareness of issues affecting customer satisfaction and inter-departmental relationships increased significantly.
  • The goal of responding to all requests within four hours was validated as reasonable by all participants.
  • Defect level was reduced from 517,241 DPMO before beginning the mapping to 38,700 DPMO when completed. This was an increase from 1.45 Sigma to 3.27 Sigma.
  • Savings in excess of $400,000 per year were identified, documented and verified.

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