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Success Stories
Product or service: Strategic Planning Facilitation
Industry: Manufacturing & Distributuin - Steel Fabrication
Process type: Developing a Vision and a three year Action Plan
Date of intervention: 1993

Critical Business Issue:

The corporation has grown from a small single location firm to a regional powerhouse with multiple locations. There had been no Strategic Planning done by the management team and the corporation reached a point where the complete Management Team did not have a common Vision or a plan on how to achieve the Vision. Actions Taken:

Facilitated a 3-day Strategic Planning and Action Planning Session.


  • Core direction of the corporation was changed.
  • "Total Customer Satisfaction" was adopted as the Fundamental Objective.
  • Key initiatives were defined for each facility.
  • Initiatives for all units within the business were identified and aligned with the Fundamental Objective.
  • A detailed Strategic Plan with Action steps was prepared and agreed to by all.

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