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Success Stories
Product or service: Quality Systems Review
Industry: Manufacturing & Distribution - Wood Panel
Process type: Conduct a Quality Systems Review of the entire Business
Date of intervention: 1993

Critical Business Issue:

This division of a large corporation had implemented a grass roots Quality initiative two years ago across all its operations and had no idea as to the depth of penetration in the organization, how firmly the Quality Culture was established, and how the division compares to world-class organizations. Actions Taken:

A team of five consultants conducted a Quality Systems Review of the total organization. In addition, four members of the organization were trained on how to conduct a Quality Systems Reviews so that they can use this tool in other divisions of the Corporation.


  • A cross section of the division was interviewed.
  • The General Manager was very satisfied that the picture he received was an accurate view of his division.
  • Recommendations were very well received by the management team.
  • The management team identified detailed improvement actions, and action teams were established to implement the changes identified.
  • The Corporation has implemented the Quality Systems Review as part of their Quality Journey and is using it as a means to insure continued improvement.

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