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Success Stories
Product or service: Implementing Six Sigma
Industry: Distribution - Electronics
Process type: Providing required information to dealers on New Products
Date of intervention: 1998-1999

Critical Business Issue:

Information to dealers on new products that were being released was very poor. Of the new product releases, 30% never were sent to the dealers. Of the new product releases that were sent to the dealers, 90% did not meet the minimum customer expectation level from the dealers. Actions Taken:

A Cross Functional team was formed to apply the principals of Six Sigma to the process of issuing new product releases. Customer needs and internal needs were defined. The "As Is" process was defined. The process was then simplified by removing many non-value added steps. Measurements were identified and implemented to insure continuous improvement.


  • Feedback forms were established to collect data. In addition many dealers also submitted new ideas that were of great benefit to the Company.
  • The Sigma level at the beginning of the project was 2.0 Sigma and after implementation had improved to 4.05 Sigma.
  • Customer satisfaction survey of the dealers one year after implementation resulted in a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0.
  • New Product release became a competitive advantage and helped block competition.
  • Financial savings of over $ 400,000 was realized.

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