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Success Stories
Product or service: Implementing Six Sigma
Industry: IT Service Center Management
Process type: Providing service to Customers who have called in requesting service
Date of intervention: 1998-1999

Critical Business Issue:

Following a Gallup Customer Satisfaction Survey, it was discovered that Customers of this Company were very dissatisfied with the service they were receiving. Internally, it was also found that response time was long; repeat calls were excessive; and Customers did not receive the call number for follow-up purposes. Actions Taken:

A Cross Functional team was formed to apply the principals of Six Sigma to the Call Registration Process at one call center. The first item on the team's agenda was to set a vision of the various offerings and the defined deliverables for each offering based on the Customers' needs. Next, the team developed an understanding of the internal Customers' issues and needs. Next, the current process was reviewed in order to identify ways of improving the process. Implementation of a simpler process was followed by establishing a rigorous measurement system to track improvement.


  • Sigma level improved from 2.52 Sigma to 6.00 Sigma within eight months of beginning the project at the first call center.
  • Nationwide roll out of the new process to all Call Centers followed six months after the team began working with the first call center. Replication went very well.
  • Clarity and uniformity among all Call Centers has increased dramatically.
  • Customer Satisfaction has increased significantly by:
    •     Customers only having to call one time
    •     Customer commitments met
    •     Service Managers' time not spent on fire fighting

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