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Success Stories
Product or service: Cycle Time Reduction
Industry: Manufacturing - Paper Production
Process type: Decreasing time of product to the customer
Date of intervention: November 2000

A Cross Functional Process Mapping to "reduce the cycle time of the process from the point the customer places an order to the point of shipment".

As-Is session held October 2000:
    Generated 127 issues
    Cycle time was 3 months

Should-Be session held November 2000:
    Generated 21 action teams
    Cycle time projected at between 21-30 days

    Process steps reduced from 120 to 12 (90%)
    Cycle time reduced 63-72 days
    Percentage improvement 68 - 77%

Current Status and Results:
    Team meetings in process
    At least 70% of projected savings expected
    Cycle time has already dropped by 50%
    Ideas that came out of the mapping have been spread to
      other paper product lines in the Company

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