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Time/Self Management: Organizing Yourself


Time management is a supervisor's most valuable tool. If you feel bogged down by insurmountable projects, endless paperwork, and constant interruptions, then your time schedule is not working effectively. This training is designed to teach managers how to evaluate, reorganize, and better manage their time.


  • Dispel common time management myths by foiling "time theft" and "efficiency."
  • Identify the most common interruptions of working time and ways to eliminate them.
  • Understand prime work times and the use of time logs in effective time management.
  • Learn to realistically estimate the urgency of and time needed to complete a task.
  • Overcome procrastination by learning your own patterns of time wasting.
  • How to make "To-Do" lists that really work.
  • Develop effective planning tools that reduce redundant paperwork.
  • Learn the importance of delegation and how to use it effectively.
  • Develop the necessary skills to build a cooperative and time efficient staff.
  • Translate what you learn into action.


All levels within any organization




In this training program, participants learn how to manage time-consuming activities such as writing letters and memoranda dealing with interruptions, making phonecalls, and reading professional printed matter. To structure your time advantageously, you will learn how to develop To-Do lists that really work, set realistic priorities, delegate tasks and turn daily dead time into productive activity. This program will outline a method for mastering the "let's have a meeting" syndrome as well as delineate ways to increase personal effectiveness. You will learn techniques for overcoming procrastination, discouraging interruptions, managing multiple tasks, and organizing your day to accomplish your primary goals.

Upon completion of this program you will know how to devise time plans that should save you over 100 hours a year and countless hours for your support staff and your boss. Professionally, you will know how to emphasize long-term goals, determine priorities and tackle unpleasant tasks, while personally you will find more time for leisure in your life.


Available in 1 and 2 day formats


Time -- A Manageable Asset

  1. Dispelling Myths About Time
  2. How You Waste Time By Being "Efficient"
  3. Institutionalized Time Wasters
  4. Foiling "Time Theft"

Where Does The Time Go?

  1. Analyzing Interruptions
    1. Phone calls
    2. Meetings - scheduled and impromptu
    3. Staff questions and self interruptions
  2. Finding Effective Time
    1. Isolating prime work times and the use of time logs
    2. Facing up to the paper chase
    3. Facing up to procrastination

Planning For Successful Time Use

  1. Clarifying Priorities
    1. Realistic estimation of time and urgency
    2. Long-term vs. short-term goals
      1. how to turn long-term goals into manageable short-term goals
    3. Rating your objectives
    4. Overcoming procrastination
      1. when do you do it and why?
      2. procrastination and decision-making
      3. scheduling and tackling unpleasant tasks
      4. using deadlines creatively and tackling large jobs
    5. Turning dead time into creative time
  2. Results-Oriented Time Organizing
    1. Making "To-Do" lists that work
    2. Creating schedules that can be met -- the daily plan
    3. Developing effective planning tools
      1. personalizing a daily planner and reducing redundant paperwork
    4. Controlling interruptions
      1. the telephone, unnecessary meetings, drop-in visitors, and superiors
    5. Learning how to concentrate

    Delegation & Working With Others

    1. Delegation -- First Line Of Defense And Trap
      1. How to decide what, to whom, why, and when to delegate
      2. Following-up delegation--the buck still stops here
    2. Working With Others
      1. Gaining the cooperation of staff
      2. Making office space work
      3. Creating a time-effective staff

    Putting It All Together

    1. Being Organized Off The Job
    2. Establishing Personal Goals

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