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Performance Evaluation: No Surprises


Performance evaluation can be one of the most important of management's motivational and supervision tools. It should not be a disregarded form or a dreaded periodic interview, but a continuous process that involves work planning, professional coaching, and goal setting. Fully utilizing the managerial and development potential inherent in a system of performance appraisal and reward will result in a positive and productive environment for every member of the working team.

This program will outline the relationship between an effective and consistent set of performance standards and the employee who achieves or surpasses professional and organizational goals. We will assist you in formulating a uniform and compatible body of job descriptions, performance standards, evaluation, and interview guidelines, as well as the performance-related benefits for use in your company. To make the appraisal interview itself a positive and challenging experience, you will learn how to collect, interpret, and use performance data. Legal considerations and solutions for marginal performers will be covered as well.


  • Explore ways to fully utilize the benefits of performance appraisals.
  • Learn how to create uniform performance standards that are compatible with your organization's job descriptions.
  • Practice techniques for making appraisal interviews positive and well-focused.
  • Learn how to collect, interpret, and use performance data.
  • See how to integrate performance appraisals into your regular supervisory routine.
  • Study ways to use appraisals to motivate and direct employees to their full potential.
  • Understand the methods for warning and terminating persistent marginal performers.
  • Develop the skills to use on-going feedback to reach performance goals.
  • Discuss ways to give negative but constructive evaluations without demoralizing employees.
  • Translate what you learn to into action.


All levels within any organization




After this seminar you will be able to use your performance evaluation system to create a positive, motivated work climate. You will be able to integrate performance appraisal into your regular supervisory routine, and utilize this managerial function to help each individual reach his or her professional performance objectives and become a more valuable member of your team.


Available in 1, 2 and 3 day formats


Performance Evaluation -- A Tool

  1. Benefits Of Performance Evaluations
    1. Forms a contact -- helps you to help employees to be effective
    2. Provides you with control
      1. ensures that everyone is working in the same direction
      2. helps spot high achievement employees ready for advancement
    3. Offers employees the opportunity to present you with feedback
    4. Provides higher management with a profile of you
  2. Drawbacks Of Poor Performance Appraisals
    1. De-motivating and demoralizing factors
    2. Create friction, misunderstandings, and erode credibility
    3. Grudges may develop and you waste valuable time

The Evaluation Interview

  1. Planning Your Appraisal Interview
    1. Giving advance notice to let the employee know the criteria to be discussed
    2. Sticking to goals -- know in advance what behavior you want as a result
    3. Presenting documentation! Specific facts - dates can prevent legal action
    4. Allowing sufficient time -- when and how long
  2. During The Appraisal
    1. Climate -- establish a comfortable, cooperative environment
    2. Controlling the interview -- don't get sidetracked by excuses
    3. Creating a dialogue -- listen to the employee and provide feedback
      1. using specific examples and incidence's to back up your statements
      2. never quote hearsay or comment on attitudes -- stick to behaviors
      3. giving constructive criticism
        1. accentuating the positive and build from the negative
      4. make sure the employee understands the problem
        1. defining your standards, criteria, expectations, and goals
        2. explaining what you consider acceptable work
        3. summarizing the interview to clarify key points
    4. Do not discuss rewards, raises, or promotions during the appraisal

Standards And Results

  1. Performance Improvement Plan
    1. Getting the employee to commit to changing
    2. Working out a plan (change strategy) -- to modify behavior
    3. Supporting through EAP, referral, and counseling as necessary
    4. Following-up on employee success
  2. Motivating Employees To Be Productive -- Incentives
    1. Telling employee what you expect -- set goals
    2. Informing your employee of how they are doing
    3. Rewarding employees
      1. when to give raises and promotions
  3. The Persistent Marginal-Performer
    1. Warnings and termination
  4. How To Further Stimulate Productivity

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