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Goal Setting: Your Plans Realized


Goal-setting enables an individual and an organization to set goals and check the progress of their short-term and long-term objectives. The purpose of the goal-setting process is to motivate and improve the productivity of yourself, and your organization. It provides you with direction to know where you are going, how you will get there, and how to know when you have arrived there.


  • Define and identify the purposes of goal-setting.
  • Understand the central need for and the benefits of goal-setting.
  • Utilize criteria for setting goals to motivate and strengthen yourself and your organization.
  • Learn techniques for incorporating goal-setting into your management style.
  • Discover methods to improve motivation and productivity through goal-setting.
  • Learn how to develop goals that will achieve results.
  • Construct and design goals that will be specific, measurable, clear, and attainable.
  • Translate what you have learned into action.


All levels within any organization




Through this training, you will learn how to link organizational and individual goals to achieve results and ensure overall success. You will see how the goal-setting process can benefit you and your organization and what criteria to use to set up goals for yourself, your employees and your organization. This seminar will enable you to incorporate the goal-setting process into your management style to create a positive, enriched work climate with employees who are motivated and perform above the norm. Lastly, you will be able to construct and design goals that are suitable to your needs as well as to the needs of your organization.


Available in 1 and 2 day formats


Why Invest Time In Setting Goals

  1. The Benefits of Setting Goals
    1. Benefits to you and your organization
  2. Link Individual and Organizational Goals
    1. How each type of goal facilitates life and job performance

Set Goals for: Yourself, Employees, And Your Organization

  1. Criteria for Setting Goals
    1. What to be aware of when formulating your goals
  2. Qualities Your Goals Should Possess

Promote Motivation And Productivity Through Goal Setting

  1. Integrating Goals Vertically and Horizontally in the Organization
    1. Identifying goals that will motivate and create opportunities
    2. Guidelines to increase goal-oriented productivity

The Goal Setting Process

  1. 5 Steps for Setting Workplace Goals
    1. Defining and communicating goals
    2. Evaluating results of your goals
  2. Changing Your Goals
    1. Questions to ask yourself if you cannot attain your present goals
  3. Identifying Primary Patterns And How They Relate To Work/Home

Create Goals For Yourself

  1. Decide What Kind of Goals You Need to Meet
    1. Routine goals
    2. Quality goals
    3. Innovative goals
  2. Criteria for Personal Goals
  3. 11 Guidelines for Defining Goals

Application And Practice

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