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Motivation: For Understanding And Action


This program is designed to teach supervisors ways to define, maintain and reward employee motivation. We will outline the three key factors for sustaining motivation: 1) Recognition: recognizing employees for doing their jobs well by verbal or material rewards 2) Participation: involving employees in their work and giving them some responsibility for making decisions, and 3) Growth: giving staff the opportunity for personal development on the job such as the chance to acquire skills and knowledge. We will also outline the importance of maintenance factors -- how physical conditions, job security, and social relationships effect employee motivation.


  • Learn important techniques for upward management.
  • Understand past, present, and future trends in employee behavior.
  • Recognize why and where sub-performance begins.
  • Develop and sustain a motivated staff through recognition, participation, and growth.
  • Know how to transform marginal performers in productive contributors.
  • Understand how your leadership style influences employee motivation.
  • Realize how physical conditions, job security, and social relationships affect employee motivation.
  • Learn how to offer criticism and ensure that it is heard.
  • Become able to apply models and methods for measurable results.
  • Translate what you have learned into action.


All levels within any organization




After this training, you will understand the concept of motivation and its importance in employee production. By utilizing the techniques taught, you will be able to create a working environment that will address motivation as a valid means for organizational success and personal fulfillment.


Available in 1 and 2 day formats


Managing Upward

  1. Employee Expectations For You And Their Job
  2. Why Changes In Employee Standards Require Responsive Management
  3. Modifying Yourself To Address The Needs Of Others
  4. Improving Productivity Through Positive Reinforcement
  5. Grooming Employees To Achieve More In Line With Job Goals
  6. Bottom-Up And Top-Down Delegation

Concepts And Trends

  1. Creating Motivating Environments For Employees
  2. Motivators And Dissatisfiers
  3. Growth And Challenge Needs And Impact On Motivation
  4. Negative Reinforcement's Effect

Managing Marginal Performers

  1. How, Why, And Where Sub-Performance Begins
  2. Identifying Marginal Performers
  3. Tools To Salvage / Transform Marginal Performers Into Productive Contributors

Distinctive Leadership

  1. Assessing Your Leadership/Management Style
  2. How Your Leadership Style Affects Others
  3. Developing A Leadership Style That Works

Managing The Manager/Subordinate Relationship

  1. The Nature Of Cooperation
  2. Creating And Building A Partnership Based On Trust
  3. Building Teamwork Through Recognition, Participation, And Growth
  4. The Classifications Of High Performers And Low Performers/li>
  5. Employee Performance And Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Performance Appraisals

  1. Purpose, Use, Misuse Of Performance Appraisals
  2. Building People While Achieving Objectives
  3. Maximizing Personal Strengths
  4. Managing Performance As An On-Going Process


  1. How To Offer Constructive Criticism
  2. Counseling And Contracting For Change

Your Own Case Studies And Integration Session

  1. Case Study Analysis
  2. Role Playing To Practice Prior To Implementation

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