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Delegation: For Guaranteed Results


Delegating tasks and responsibility is a critical managerial skill. In any organization regardless of size, no single manager or supervisor can, or should expect to, personally accomplish every important task. Some tasks must be delegated -- assigned to others who can complete the job. Effective delegation is the ability to understand organizational goals and how to best utilize each individual's skills and talents to achieve these goals. It can (1) improve the results you achieve through others and (2) dramatically increase your own effectiveness.


  • Understand the benefits of delegation for both yourself and your organization.
  • Explain the basic methods involved in successful delegation.
  • Learn what to delegate to whom and why.
  • Examine the obstacles to effective delegation in your staff and yourself.
  • Recognize and avoid the "I can do it better myself" and "multi-hat" syndrome.
  • Determine your delegation style by completing several self-assessments.
  • Be able to use two-way communication to improve the level of understanding.
  • Create a delegation plan and practice implementing it through individual and group discussions as well as role-playing.
  • Learn the key steps and methods for control during delegation.
  • Explain how to utilize recognition, rewards, and sanctions.
  • Translate what you have learned into action.


All levels within any organization




Your ability to effectively delegate can increase motivation, confidence, and professional and personal growth in subordinates, while allowing you to focus on top-level duties. In this training program, you will learn how to use delegation to transmit any project or plan to all levels of staff and to ensure that individuals function at their full potential. Learn what delegation is, and isn't, and understand why, what, and to whom you should delegate. You will also be able to recognize the symptoms of under- or mis-delegation of responsibility. The delegation strategies outlined in this program will help you to create and maintain a more effective and smoother-running work environment.


Available in 1 and 2 day formats


Your Personal Stake In Delegation

  1. The Bulging Briefcase Syndrome
  2. The Ugly Surprise
  3. The Juggler
  4. The Near-Perfect Plan

Benefits You Derive From Delegation

  1. Freeing Management From Routine And Repetitive Functions
  2. Ensuring That Work Is Done By The Right Person
    1. Maximizing strengths while achieving objectives
    2. Improving productivity through positive reinforcement
  3. Increasing Confidence And Contributing To Staff's Growth
    1. Strengthening morale
    2. Growth and challenge needs and impact on motivation
    3. Building teamwork through recognition, participation, and growth

Obstacles To Effective Delegation

  1. Organizational Barriers
  2. Staff Deficiencies
  3. Management Deficiencies
    1. The "I can do it better myself" syndrome
    2. Doing what comes naturally
    3. The multi-hat syndrome
    4. Perfectionism
    5. Adversity to risk

Guidelines For Successful Delegation

  1. How To Decide What And When To Delegate
  2. How To Decide Who To Delegate To And Why
  3. How To Set Goals And Objectives
  4. Tasks That Should Never Be Delegated
  5. Reviewing Results, Not Methods

Training Your Subordinates In The Art Of Delegation

  1. Transferring Responsibility And Accountability
  2. Monitoring Progress

Following Up On Delegation

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