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Coaching Excellence: A Primary Responsibility


Can a supervisor who is also a good coach really make a difference? Certainly coaching is one of several components necessary to motivate employees and accomplish extraordinary results. The changes in employee interests and values from money and fringe benefits to recognition and self actualization demands a team leader who is aware of what is important to their employees, and who has the ability to prioritize these needs to better encourage and motivate them to work well.


  • Define and identify your responsibilities as a coach.
  • Identify specific ways to build a coaching atmosphere.
  • Understand the importance of the communication, participation, and good work climate factors of coaching to improve your impact and effectiveness as a team leader.
  • Discover techniques for introducing critical coaching aspects into your management style.
  • Develop motivation and communication skills that support your role as a coach.
  • Assess your present coaching style and its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Utilize coaching steps to create a work climate in which excellence becomes the norm with your employees.
  • Translate what you learn into action.


All levels within any organization




Through this training, you will learn that coaching is a combination of a team leader, a manager, and a coach. You will see that it is necessary for a coach to utilize clear communication, employee participation, and the creation of a good work climate to motivate their people to perform at their highest level and beyond.

After this seminar you will be able to incorporate the coaching system to create a positive, motivated work climate. You will be able to integrate the components of coaching into your daily supervisory activities. Lastly, you will understand and be able to apply the coaching concept to increase employee productivity.


Available in 1 and 2 day formats


Creating Good Communication To Coach Your Team

  1. 8 Steps To Enhance Communication And Improve Performance
  2. Fine Tune Your Active Listening Skills
    1. Show your employees that you think what they say is important
  3. The Basics Of Clear Two-Way Communication
    1. Create a good work climate to promote communication
    2. Achieve understanding through feedback
    3. Explain and clarify work assignments

Recognizing Feelings May Be More Important Than Knowledge

  1. Learn To Maintain An Open Mind And Ear To Employee Suggestions
    1. Encourage employee feedback and participation
    2. Become part of the team
  2. Plan Criticisms Carefully
    1. Practice the when, where, how's
    2. Ask for feedback and opinions on employee performance
  3. Exercise Respect When Dealing With Employees
    1. Learn to delegate with confidence
    2. Create and maintain a fair and honest relationship with your employees

Promoting Participation And Enhancing Decision Making

  1. Become Aware Of How Participation Can Lead To Positive Effects
  2. Learn To Incorporate Employee Participation In The Decision Making Process
    1. Create a comfortable atmosphere to promote good communication flow
    2. Encourage new ideas and suggestions from employees on the job and at meetings

Realizing The Benefits From Creating Helping Relationships

  1. Guidelines For A Coach To Build Growth And Development With An Employee
    1. Develop Goals Together
    2. Recognize that as a coach you have the power to elicit extraordinary performance
  2. Learn Methods To Develop Rather Than Promote Employees
    1. Encourage employees to learn and develop from experiences
    2. Create a dependency that is necessary to succeed among your employees

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