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Building Involved Teams M-1016


Senior Management often bemoans the lack of initiative and innovation on the parts of their employees without taking any steps to support and enable their teams. Initially designed for use at a small Wisconsin-based corporation, the Building Involved Teams workshop focuses on providing employees with the tools and implementation skills required to work successfully and efficiently.

Although the workshop can be conducted utilizing a constructed case study, its real strength has been proven to be (at both small and large companies) when it is applied to an actual team’s endeavors. The workshop has been used effectively at the formation of a new Dean Dairy facility, with virtual teams (Motorola, US Air Force, UK Air Force), and for team leaders who are creating new teams.

The design of the workshop, which is made up of 8 modules each of which lasts from 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours, allows half-day segments.


At the end of this workshop, the participants will be able to:

  • Define and develop a team’s charter, structure, and a methodology for assigning roles and responsibilities
  • Describe the characteristics of effective team leaders and specific methodologies they can use to motivate teams at different stages in their development
  • Describe how the effective feedback model and the problem-solving process can be used to improve team performance
  • Develop effective strategies for rewarding and recognizing team members
  • Describe the most difficult obstacles that high performance teams have to overcome and at least one strategy for overcoming each of these obstacles


Intact teams that are forming or need to improve their results.

Anyone in the process of forming a team who needs a proven structure to follow.


No prerequisites for this workshop


  • Understanding the strength of Teams & Empowerment
  • Creating a team charter, purpose and performance
  • Developing a structure that supports the performance objectives of the team
  • Conducting team business effectively – team meetings, post and pre work communications
  • Determining the most effective methods of team leadership
  • Utilizing effective forms of feedback so that team members continually enhance their skills
  • Applying a problem-solving process to resolve team issues
  • Developing team reward and recognition strategies that encourage the highest levels of productivity.


More effective and better functioning Involved teams

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