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Utilizing the Six Steps to Six SigmaŽ Workshop M-700


This program shows how Six SigmaŽ Quality can be attained by all employees. Participants learn the reasons for attaining the Six SigmaŽ Quality goal and how Sigma levels are determined. They also learn how to apply the continuous improvement tools to achieve their process goals. Finally, they see how all these elements are implemented in the "Six Steps to Six SigmaŽ" problem-solving methodology.


Explain the need for Six SigmaŽ Quality and apply the concepts to a selected improvement project.


Employees working in administrative and transactional processes, such as Human Relations, Finance, Customer Service, and Purchasing.

Employees working in manufacturing and support such as Warehousing, Material Handling, Planning/Scheduling, and Assembly.


No prerequisites to this class


Attainment of the organization's Quality, Cycle-Time, or Cost Reduction Goals


First Day

Classroom instruction in the basic Quality concepts and tools

Defects per Unit

Cycle Time Reduction

Sigma concepts

Basic Quality Tools (Elementary Statistical Methods)

    Process Maps

    Pareto Diagrams

    Cause and Effect Diagrams

    Check Sheets

    Histograms and Graphs

    Scatter Diagrams

    Control Charts

Second Day

Participants should bring a process improvement proposal to the class.

Hands-on project workshop

Basic Flow Charting of the problem process

Determining relevant measures

How and where to capture defect counts

Goal setting

Project reporting

Third Day -- (In about 3 to 6 weeks)

Project Review and Progress Report

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