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Design for Manufacturability
Workshop M-701


The goal of the Design for Manufacturability workshop is to enable participants to implement process improvements in Design and Manufacturing.


  • Explain the need for Six Sigma® Quality and apply the concepts to a selected improvement project.
  • Explain the relationship between design decisions and manufacturability


Product design engineers, process design engineers, device engineers, process engineers, product engineers, manufacturing engineers, quality practitioners and management of those functions.


No prerequisites to this class


Attainment of the organization's Quality, Cycle-Time, and/or Cost Reduction Goals


First Day

Explain how DFM contributes to Total Customer Satisfaction

Describe how DFM supports Performance Excellence

Identify the impact of NOT designing for manufacturability

Define the need to resource the front end of the development process

Identify DFM issues and successes

Explain how the Six Steps to Six Sigma® are utilized in DFM

Explain how cross-functionality and information gathering in the design process ensures success in product manufacturing

Explain the performance indices for variable characteristics CP and CPK

Second Day

Describe how DPU can be used to:
   Analyze current performance
   Predict the quality of products
   Plan and design processes

Describe the benefits of DPU over yield as a quality metric

Use DPUs to estimate cycle times related to test, inspection, analysis, and repair

Describe how to implement the foundation of DFM in your work environment

Create an action plan to implement the foundation of DFM in your work environment.

Third Day

Participants should bring a process improvement proposal to the hands-on project workshop

Basic Flow Charting of the problem process

Determining relevant measures

Assessing measurement process capability

How and where to capture defect counts

Goal setting

Project reporting

Fourth Day -- (In about 3 to 6 weeks)

Project Review and Progress Report

Fifth Day -- (In about 3 to 6 weeks)

Project Review and Progress Report

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