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Instructor Skills
Workshop M-714


This course was developed to build the skills needed to present information effectively.


  • To prepare the classroom for efficient learning
  • To share responsibility for group management using proven methods to maintain interest, enhance participation, and facilitate the group's progress
  • To utilize verbal reinforcers, give feedback, and ask questions to promote learning and skill acquisition
  • To introduce activities with clear directions using appropriate examples and analogies
  • To focus the topic using clarifying, prompting, and paraphrasing techniques to ensure closure and achieve transition in applicable areas


Employees who need to prepare and effectively present information to a group, especially those who will be facilitating and leading courses, seminars, or customer training workshops.


No prerequisites to this class


Development of trained teachers and facilitators to aid in the attainment of the organization's Quality, Cycle-Time, and/or Cost Reduction Goals


Group discussion, video presentation, group exercises, and individual practice sessions are used to teach participants how to achieve results. Videotaped practice sessions give participants the opportunity to analyze and improve their platform skills including the development of questioning techniques to probe, promote learning, encourage participation, and to discourage inappropriate behavior. Participants encounter problem indicators that jeopardize learning as well as practice techniques for handling potential problems. Feedback techniques are learned as well as how to reinforce individual contributions. Participants experience several teaching situations that involve introducing a learning activity with clear directions, focusing the topic under discussion, using audiovisual materials, bringing closure to the activity, and achieving transaction to subsequent activities. Performance feedback is received in these simulations.

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