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Successful Behaviors for a
Team Environment
Workshop M-716


This workshop teaches principles and behaviors necessary for a team environment. The information from the class will help individuals adapt to their culture as well as take responsibility to help create an environment in which they want to work.

Coursework involves a dynamic, experiential learning atmosphere utilizing video, personal application exercises, small group and large group exercises.


Better understanding of a team culture

Ability to recognize team and individual behaviors needed for success

Ability to recognize different communication styles

Ability to manage differences in individuals

Recognize that everyone has a responsibility to a team's success


This workshop is for all levels of associates in an organization who are presently working on a team or will soon be part of a new start-up team.


No prerequisites to this class


Participants will spend time learning their communication style, as well as others' styles, helping them to build better relationships, not only at work but also outside of work. Participants will also be able to recognize their responsibilities toward the success of their team.


First Day

Small and large group sessions discussing negative and positive team experiences

Experiential exercises that help individuals recognize their own behaviors when working on a team. Then assess the behaviors that support a positive team outcome and those that are detrimental to a team

Lecture and discussion regarding different com-munication styles among people and how to mange the different behaviors

Second Day

Lecture and discussion in groups on the five stages of a team's development. Small group discussion on obstacles that come up in each phase along with ways on how to overcome them

Group discussion on successful team characteristics

Prioritize the top five characteristics of successful teams with discussion on definitions for each

Lecture and group discussion and exercises on trust and how important it is to teamwork

Individual work on trust using a team inventory

Determine actions needed to advance their team and create a detailed plan for next steps

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