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Managing Relationships


This class teaches employees, supervisors, and managers the skills they need to reduce tension that interferes with task accomplishment.

This class helps improve communications and relationships with others. It is a way to determine and understand our own behaviors as well as the behaviors of others.

Participants will be better able to manage differences in people both at work and home.


Understand the need to manage interpersonal relationships.

Build team spirit by recognizing and working with unique strengths of each communication style.

Develop smoother working relationships within and between departments.

Increase departmental output by reducing areas of interpersonal conflict.

Predict social style behaviors of associates and understand their own style as others observe it.


Any one who interacts with others…teams or individuals


No prerequisites to this class


Development of individuals who together will accomplish goals in a synergistic, harmonious environment.

WORKSHOP DURATION: 4 hours in length


Individual assessments are completed before the class starts.

Course starts with lecture so each communication style is introduced and better understood by everyone.

Small group work follows helping each one learn the course concepts.

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