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Statistical Process
Characterization & Control
Workshop M-722


This course teaches how to identify sources of variation and assess process capability. Participants will perform multi-vari analysis, the steps of collecting data for measurement systems, and identify the impact measurement has on the overall process capability. They also determine where major families of variations belong and create and then review cause and effect diagrams.


  • Determine if a graph (histogram) of process data appears normally distributed.
  • Recognize how measurement error affects process defects and process capability.
  • Use multi-vari charts to determine families of variation (within-piece, between pieces, and over time).
  • Determine if a process is stable (in control) by viewing a variables control chart.
  • Recognize if a process is capable of "Six Sigma" by viewing a process distribution with respect to the specification.


This course is intended for those responsible for reducing variation and improving quality of a process via statistical process control. It is also recommended for design/process engineers, design/process managers, technicians, and supervisors.


Applying Continuous Improvement Tools


To achieve best-in-class products and processes through the application of statistical quality tools.


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