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Presentations and the Art of Persuasion


Even when leaders know the outcomes they desire and understand what needs to be done to get there, engaging others and getting agreement can be a challenge. Leaders who rely on positional power or personality to get people to perform can get results, but they are usually short-term. The after effects of disengagement and resistance require even more time in trying to repair the damage. Persuasion is the art of getting others to move to your position. When leaders raise their own ability to persuade and influence, they build consensus, increase collaboration, and strengthen teamwork.

In this 1-day workshop, leaders take the Persuasion Style Inventory and identify their persuasion style along with their strengths and challenges. The 4C Persuasion Model (Credibility, Common Ground, Compelling Evidence, and Commitment) is a practical tool that helps participants understand how to raise their level of persuasion and influence with others.


At the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize the myths around persuasion
  2. Identify personal persuasion style, strengths, and challenges
  3. Recognize how to raise their level of creditability
  4. Identify ways to build common ground to create buy-in and consensus
  5. Utilize compelling information to build a case
  6. Demonstrate passion and belief to improve influence
  7. Identify strategies to improve influence


Anyone who needs to raise their level of influence and persuasion


No prerequisites to this class


Attainment of Personal and Organizational Goals


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