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Problem Solving and
Creative Decision Making


Organizations spend five times as much in resources fixing problems. With pressure from customers and managers, corrective action is often based on guess work and instinct. As a result, problems resurface and additional resources are required. This course introduces a 5-step process to get to the "root cause" of the problem and not to treat and remove symptoms alone. When it comes to making decisions based on uncovering the true root cause, employees frequently limit their options and creativity. Corporate cultural barriers and personal liabilities inhibit creative options. Participants will create strategies for breakthrough thinking and practice "out of the box" thinking. Participants will move through each of the five steps of Problem Solving and practice creative, criteria-based decision making using several lively case studies.


At the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of using a disciplined process for solving critical problems.
  • Utilize the 5-step problem-solving process to diagnose and solve problems at their root cause.
  • Recognize which types of problems back on the job meet the criteria of the 5 Steps of Disciplined Problem Solving.
  • Increase understanding about the factors that influence creative thinking and identify their own personal barriers.
  • Utilize the "SCAMPER" model to increase their creative process.
  • Utilize an effective criteria-based decision-making model to improve their outcomes.


Anyone who needs to solve problems and be more creative in their approach to decision making


No prerequisites to this class


Attainment of Personal and Organizational Goals


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