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Consulting and Facilitation Skills
Workshop M-744


The workshop teaches principles and behaviors necessary for anyone who has to change or improve a situation and has no direct control over the outcome of the implementation. The consultant or facilitator will learn to manage themselves in a way that will maximize their potential usefulness, and how to directly deal with resistance that might be encountered along the way of the implementation.

This workshop also teaches participants how to facilitate in a classroom environment and provide a classroom climate for the adult learner.


  • How to create a climate for learning
  • How to facilitate the adult learner
  • How to use questions to facilitate a group
  • How to deal with problem behavior in a team environment
  • How to manage meetings
  • How to promote learning
  • How to communicate in a learning environment
  • How to give clear directions
  • How to manage differences in individuals
  • Appropriate behavior for effective facilitation
  • Effective behaviors for individual and team success


This workshop is for all levels of associates in an organization who are in a position to have influence over an individual, group, or an organization and have been given the role of facilitator/consultant.


No prerequisites to this class


Participants will learn to facilitate in a classroom setting, how to gain influence in a team environment while consulting on new processes and techniques.


First Week

Includes lectures and discussions on influence skills, communication skills, meeting management, conflict resolution, team dynamics, and consulting skills.

Each day there will be small and large group discussions as well as experiential exercises that promote faster learning while involving and engaging the participants.

Second Week

This week involves learning facilitation techniques and appropriate behavior needed for the classroom.

There will be some lectures and classroom practice on the techniques learned. There will also be videotaping of each participant while practicing the skills learned. There will be feedback sessions back to the participants on how well the video practice went.

There will be homework assignments during the week.

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