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Effective Leadership
& Staff Empowerment


This workshop is designed to increase effective leadership and staff empowerment. As a leader one has the responsibility to transfer both knowledge and ownership down-ward, create an environment for ownership and learning, be a coach, and continue to learn themselves. This training clarifies and focuses the participants on being better leaders through developing a work environment that encourages trust and open com-munication, recognizing people development is organizational development, and mod-eling effective leadership behavior.


At the end of this workshop, participants will have a clearer understanding how to:

  • Encourage an environment of trust, openness, and a free sharing of work-related ideas.
  • Transfer ownership for work to those who execute the work.
  • Engage your staff with ownership for results.
  • Be open to innovative thinking and new possibilities.
  • Set standards for excellence.
  • Develop the desire in each person to be responsible for his/her own excellent performance.
  • Use mistakes as opportunities for learning, not for blaming or finding fault.
  • Define direction, set clear goals, and clarify boundaries.


Leaders who want to be more effective, are dealing with large scale change, or wish to create a more effective working environment.


No prerequisites to this class


More effective work force and attainment of personal and organizational goals.


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