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Process Communication
Model® (PCM)
Attaining personal and professional power
through Process Communication



This seminar teaches individuals how to use a process approach to improve their daily communication and interaction with others. Individuals learn how to connect and communicate with others more effectively and ensure cooperative relationships with those with whom they interact. They learn how to keep themselves out of distress and how to deal with others who may be in distress. In addition to the course manual, participants will receive their own individualized profiles which include their personality structure, strengths, stressors and a personalized action plan for success. For more information on the Process Communication Model, click PCM.


At the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Identify the six "Kahler" personality types.

  • Connect and communicate with individuals of each type according to their preferred management styles and favorite means of communication.

  • Determine the psychological and motivational needs of each personality type.

  • Identify the second-by-second negative behaviors that individuals display when under stress and subconsciously use to sabotage personal and professional success.

  • Offer ways to invite others out of negative behaviors, miscommunication, and distress by using process communication intervention strategies.


Individuals or teams who want to improve their communication skills and understand how to relate to and motivate others more effectively.

Individuals who want to reduce stress and strengthen professional (and personal) relationships.


No prerequisites to this class.


Greater success and power in the individual's personal and professional life.


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