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Advanced Creative
Thinking Skills


Business performance improvement is built on a healthy sequence of good decisions supported by the decision makers' organizations. Good decisions come from good thinking, the ability to solicit, consider, compare, and select good ideas. Thinking "out of the box" is all about generating the opportunity to have lots of good ideas to choose from. Good business is about turning good ideas into profitability.

While there are many myths about creativity (creative people are always artists, or nerds, or not like you and me, etc.), a modern understanding of creativity recognizes techniques are available to assist anyone who knows how to use them. Effective creativity techniques deliberately mix up paradigms while addressing real problems and opportunities to proactively generate lots of new ideas. These techniques do not need to depend on a chance occurrence. These techniques can be used at will whenever individuals or teams recognize they need more ideas.

We will practice with Problem Reformulation, Scoreboard, Knowledge Mapping, Classic Brainstorming, Brainwriting, Alternatives, Random Word, Imaginary Brainstorming, Analogies, Picture Associations, Biotechniques, TILMAG, and Morphological Box.


At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Explain why you need new ideas
  • Describe and document an opportunity as a goal with criteria
  • Effectively generate new ideas from a number of techniques
  • Select the idea that best suits your goal and criteria
  • Plan for successful implementation of the new idea


Leaders and employees who want to learn a method to generate new ideas on demand. Many teams can make excellent use of this approach: research and design, sales and marketing, quality improvement, executive planning, recruitment, etc.


Hunger for new ideas
Dissatisfaction with current ability to generate new ideas


To know techniques well enough you can use them back at work with your teams.


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