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Six Thinking Hats ®


The Six Thinking Hats Seminar is a powerful "hands-on" seminar structured to help business executives break out of their 'thinking ruts' using techniques found in Dr. Edward de Bono's landmark book, Six Thinking Hats.

This practical, skill-building program will help you replace one-dimensional thinking with six-dimensional thinking. Thinking is a skill that is not necessarily correlated to intelligence. As a skill, it can be learned, developed, enhanced, and practiced. There are six types of thinking that you unconsciously use every day. Each metaphorical hat represents one of those six ways of thinking.

Participants will learn to use different approaches to business problems. They will explore all aspects of each situation and generate alternatives that go far beyond obvious solutions. The process encourages people to separate fact from opinion, to look fully at both positive and negative opinions and to get hidden agendas that can sabotage any meeting on the table. It stimulates their innate creativity and helps them discover how to turn seemingly insoluble problems into real opportunities systematically. You can use Six Hats alone or with a team.


At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Use a process to describe and evaluate new ideas
  • Know how and when to use each hat
  • Consider cultural issues that affect the process
  • Plan for successful implementation of the technique in your company


This seminar is designed for business people at all levels who conduct and participate in business discussions and meetings, and whose input is required for problem solving and decision making. It will be particularly beneficial to individual contributors and teams working in highly competitive environments. Many teams can make excellent use of this approach: research and design, sales and marketing, quality improvement, executive planning, recruitment, etc.




To know techniques well enough you can use them back at work with your teams.


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