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Strategic Planning


The goal of this course is to learn a process that creates an operational planning document that guides company leaders and employees, and to improve the executive team's ability to identify, prioritize, and assign opportunities, and contribute to improved company performance. The series of documents your organization creates and uses to plan and operate strategically might be called "a hierarchy of intent". Example documents can include: Mission or Purpose: ultimate intent of organization; Values or Principles: rules about how we treat ourselves, each other, and our community; Vision: a long view, 3-5 years, of what must be accomplished to support the Purpose; Goals or Objectives: specific milestones of what must be accomplished in the next year to support the Vision; Strategies: the leader's plans, developed with the group contributing, on how to achieve the Goals; Action Plans: quarterly, prioritized action steps necessary to support the Goals.


At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Describe how documents work with each other
  • How to prepare yourself and audience for successful planning session
  • Consider cultural elements that will affect meeting process
  • Plan for successful implementation of the new idea


Meeting facilitators who want to learn an effective strategic planning process


Some facilitation experience


To prepare facilitator for successful planning session.


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