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Scenario Planning


The goal of this course is to use scenario planning as an effective dialogue technique to develop strategic direction for their organization.

Peter Schwartz, author of The Art of the Long View - Paths to Strategic Insight for Yourself and Your Company, describes scenarios as "stories which describe different, though equally plausible, futures. Together, they are a tool for ordering one's perceptions about alternative future environments in which one's decisions might be played out. "

Despite its story-like qualities, scenario planning follows systematic and recognizable phases. The process is highly interactive, intense, and imaginative. It begins by isolating the decision to be made, rigorously challenging the mental maps that shape one's perceptions and hunting and gathering information, often from unorthodox sources. The next steps are more analytical: identifying the driving forces (social, economic, political, and technological); the pre-determined elements (i.e., what is inevitable, like many demographic factors that are already in the pipeline); and the critical uncertainties (i.e., what is unpredictable or a matter of choice such as public opinion). These factors are then prioritized according to importance and uncertainty.


At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Describe how scenario planning complements strategic planning
  • How to prepare yourself and audience for successful session
  • Consider cultural elements that will affect meeting process
  • Plan for successful implementation of the process in the company's continuing planning process


Meeting facilitators who want to learn how to use scenario planning to complement their strategic planning process


Some facilitation experience, especially strategic planning


To prepare facilitator for successful scenario planning session.


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