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Renewing Teams and Individuals


To survive and thrive in a state of perpetual change in today's workplaces, we need to learn how to identify where we are in the change process and learn how to be effective in seemingly chaotic environments. We need to assess our mission and priorities in order to maintain balance and productivity. Answering the questions:

  • How do we successfully adapt to the many changes that occur in the workplace?
  • How do we navigate the terrain and make the best decision for our team and organization?
  • How do individuals regain a sense of direction and control over work and career amidst all of these changes?
  • How do individuals make the right choices that will lead them and their teams to more effective outcomes?

Renewing Teams and Individuals provides a process and tools to help groups understand a natural and predictable pattern of change and to know how to identify their own location in that cycle. They learn how to evaluate their current environment and take action that supports their highest goals. The program helps groups and individuals discover the best steps to take to achieve their vision of success.


Upon completion of Renewing Teams and Individuals, participants will:

  • Understand the nature of the change process and how to identify where they are in that process.
  • Define the skills necessary to be effective in each phase of change.
  • Identify strategies and choices to effectively operate as a team, while navigating a changing terrain.
  • Identify opportunities and activities that will help them create and sustain life/work balance.
  • Define specific action steps to successfully architect the life they want - both personally and professionally.


Employees, teams, departments, divisions, or entire organizations who share challenges associated with continuous, disruptive change.


No prerequisites to this workshop.


  • Using common milestones and experiences in the life of the team, participants explore how they have successfully navigated change in the past and their lessons learned.
  • A model and framework are created for understanding a normal cycle of change and growth that teams experience. In each of the four phases of the model, team members determine which phase they are currently in and then apply skills necessary to succeed as a team in each phase.
  • As individual team members, each participant compares where the team is in the change process with their individual location in the model, thereby generating actions that will help them perform as more effective team members and deal with the intensity of the change.
  • Participants create action plans that incorporate positive choices that will move them successfully into the years to come. Plans are shared with the team for commitment and buy-in to the strategies and actions.


Can be provided as a one-day stand-alone workshop or as part of other meeting formats such as strategic planning or management retreats.

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