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The Seven Laws for
Engaging Spirit at Work


This program is designed to introduce participants to principles for individual effectiveness supported by science and wisdom traditions from all cultures, philosophies and practices. Based on Deepak Chopra, M.D., New York Times' bestseller The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, the program incorporates Dr. Chopra's ideas with sound business principles to provide effective tools for personal and interpersonal skill development. These Laws are universal and serve as guidelines for goal setting, interpersonal relationships, creativity, problem solving and effective time management.


Upon completion of The Seven Laws for Engaging Spirit at Work, participants will:

  • Learn practical ways of assessing and developing their full potential.
  • Define purpose, direction and mission for themselves and for their teams.
  • Learn the foundation of empowerment which is acceptance and responsibility.
  • Increase their ability to recognize the consequences and impacts of their individual business and life choices.
  • Fully tap their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy for creativity, problem solving and effectiveness on and off the job.


Leaders, team members and employees who are interested in learning more about how eastern philosophies, science and business practices can be applied to everyday work situations and how individual choices impact themselves, the work and others in the organization.


No prerequisites to this class.


  • Tools for increasing creativity and focus in work situations.
  • Development and strengthening of workplace relationships.
  • Clearer decision making and problem solving.
  • Individual goal and vision setting.
  • Ability to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty in the workplace.
  • Stress management tools.


Three days

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