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Crossing The Cultural Divide


This one-day, fast-paced workshop gives the participants an awareness of the accepted U.S. business style while addressing why it isn't necessarily a good approach for building needed relationships. The activities and exercises in this session make the participants aware enough to want to change their behaviors as a businessperson, so that they can work more effectively with other cultures.

It is a guideline for how to work within different cultures, using a universal base for building trust and earning the right to influence. It has been used by BP, Motorola, and Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Since it is behavior-based, it is easily tailored to meet any Diversity needs.


  • To recognize the values in cultural differences.
  • To identify and use skills and behaviors that enhance and modify the U.S. business style to better influence cultural diversity.


    Any employee who works with people from varied cultures. It also helps when working with colleagues from the U.S.


    No prerequisites to this class

    WORKSHOP DURATION: 1 day (can be tailored to a half day)

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