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Design for Assembly
Workshop M-781


The goal of the Design for Assembly workshop is to provide design teams with a practical and intuitive process for optimizing product designs for either automated or manual assembly.


  • Introduce design teams to an effective Design for Assembly methodology
  • Support institutionalization of the DFA methodology through actual, hands-on application


Product design engineers, industrial designers, process design engineers, device engineers, product engineers, process engineers, manufacturing engineers, quality practitioners, and management of those functions.


No prerequisites to this class


Product designs, which result in lower product cost and higher quality through labor / materials optimization and reduction of assembly related defects.


Course Agenda

-Introduction / Course Roadmap Review
-Review of previous team efforts at DFA: what worked and what didnít work
-DFA candidate products review
-Pre-DFA Groundwork:

  • Re-statement of company disciplines / initiatives: FMEA, QFD, Platform Design, Risk Analysis, Lean, Six Sigma, etc.
  • Statement of manufacturing goals: projected volumes, materials, process technologies, costs, etc.
  • Industry process benchmark data review

-Evaluation of customer requirements and product definition
-Completion of functional analysis
-Initial design proposal
-Presentation and discussion of DFA principles
-Screening of initial design proposal against DFA guidelines
-Outlining of factory constraints / complementary development manufacturing initiatives
-"Shaping" of design (iterative) using DFA guidelines subject to constraints / initiatives
-Review of evolved design against customer requirements and product definition

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