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Root Cause Analysis Tools & Techniques
Workshop M-783


This workshop addresses the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of Root Cause Analysis tools and techniques. It looks at the people who have contributed significantly to Root Cause Analysis.

These people include;

Dorian Shainin, who created the Shainin Methodologies.
Charles Kepner and Benjamin Tregoe, authors of The New Rational Manager.
John W. Tukey, Princeton University and AT&T Labs.
Keki Bhote author of World Class Quality

Participants will learn what the Root Cause Analysis tools are and why they differ from other techniques and philosophies. This workshop will look at where and when the Root Cause Analysis tools should and should not be used. Through the use of case study applications, the participants will learn how to apply the various tools that comprise Root Cause Analysis. Minitab statistical software will be introduced to support the use of the tools


  • Understand the philosophical and historical aspects of Root Cause Analysis.
  • Be able to compare and contrast Root Cause Analysis to other techniques
  • Know how to apply the following tools;
    • Multi Vari Charts
    • Contrasting Symptoms Tools
    • Full Factorials
    • Tukey End Count Techniques
    • Scatter Plots
  • Understand software support issues for the tools described above.


There are no prerequisites for this workshop.


The individual participant will gain a significant addition of Quality/productivity tools to their tool box, thereby improving their ability to better achieve the organizational Quality, Cycle-Time and/or Cost Reduction Goals.


2 Sessions - Session A will be four days long and session B will take two days

Session A
4 Days   Introduction and Overview of Root Cause Analysis Tools

  • Multi Vari Analysis
  • Contrasting Symptoms Tools
  • Tukey End Count Techniques
  • Scatter Plots

Session B

  • 2 Days Full Factorials

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