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360º Peak Performance
Survey M-785


This excellent tool will provide managers of all levels valuable feedback on their use of the Peak Performance Actions. The survey is administered in conjunction with the Peak Performance Actions seminar, first as a precursor to the seminar and then approximately three months later. The pre-seminar survey provides input for the seminar participants, highlighting natural strengths, and revealing areas in need of improvement. The follow-up survey documents the manager progress post-seminar and work environment application of the Peak Performance Actions. Managers receive a graphical report of perceptions based on aggregate employee responses. Individual employee responses are kept confidential to insure anonymity. Additionally manager groups can be specified to examine how a particular group of managers within an organization are perceived.

*Participation in the Peak Performance Action course is recommended with the administration of the survey. See course details under Peak Performance Actions M-784.


Survey administration yields the following:

  • Aggregate employee perception for direct manager review
  • Vehicle for employees to provide anonymous feedback
  • Platform for development of organizational culture
  • Assessment of various manager groups, departments, or teams
  • Organizational development tool for management of all level


The survey takes approximately 20 minutes for employees to complete. Both on-line or on-site administration is available. Results are processed and returned in two weeks.

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