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Pumping The Colors
A Team Building Simulation M-788

One day or one-and-one-half day sessions for intact teams or managers, staff, facilitators, trainers, team leaders and other organizational leaders who are interested in developing teamwork within their organization or department.

The one day session includes three simulated days (one hour each) during which the team (or teams) design and build a tri-color fluid delivery system. Between simulated days participants are guided through structured team analysis sessions that help them examine their team process. Simulated day three is followed by individual and group evaluation of the simulation.

The one-and-one-half day session adds a half-day application, goal setting, and action planning component.



  • Increased awareness of how teams work.
  • Helps participants see clearly how their own behavior helps or hinders teamwork.
  • Gives participants a model for determining what type of team structure is best for them.
  • Provides a forum for teams to assess their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Energizing for new teams.
  • Rejuvenating for existing teams.

Reveals to participants what needs to be done to maximize the effectiveness of their team.


  • Hands-on, exciting design and build task
  • Kit that includes all needed equipment, tools and materials
  • Workbook for each participant
  • Wide range of applicability
  • Realistic task that works for people with or without technical backgrounds
  • Builds confidence
  • Enhances teamwork

One day or one-and-one-half days (A product of Simulation Training Systems)

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