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Leader Effectiveness Training M-789

Leader Effectiveness Training is a workshop for people in leadership roles; managers, team leaders, human resource professionals, and others, who want to improve their ability to achieve results without damaging their relationships. The emphasis is on building healthy, mature, work relationships. Participants learn to identify who "owns" the problem, then learn the skills to most effectively resolve it. Each participant will learn better listening skills, more constructive confrontation skills, "win / win" conflict resolution skills and how to deal with values collisions. Leader Effectiveness Training has been taught for more than 25 years in 44 countries around the world.

The training reduces the cost of unresolved conflicts, time spent in hallway gossip, complaining and speculating, solving the wrong problems, assigning blame, finger-pointing, and correcting widespread misunderstanding. It provides clarity to the truly difficult issues between and among people and provides leaders the tools they need to reduce dependency and constructively confront the people problems that they face each day.

  • Help participants understand who owns the problem.
  • Help participants improve their listening skills and constructive confronting skills.
  • Help participants learn the fundamental principles, skills, and tools of effective communication.
  • Help participants learn to productively resolve conflicts within their organizations.

Learning Environment
The Listening Skills
Roadblocks to communication
Basic listening skills
Active listening
The "Truths"
The behavior window
Problem ownership
The Confronting Skills
I-Messages & Gear Shifting
Conflict Resolution
Method I and II
Method III (Win / Win)
Values Collisions
Learn to recognize and deal
respectfully with different values

The Power of Leadership:
A ½ day simulation (A product of Simulation Training Systems)

Description:  The Power of Leadership is a business simulation that helps participants understand the challenges they face when they are given power to accomplish a task. Even though power is a taboo topic for many people, it is what sets the leader apart from others in the organization. Studies show that effective leaders understand and need power. More important they know how to use it to accomplish their goals. But using power effectively is not an easy task. There are many challenges that, if not met, will create disastrous results for individuals and the organization. This simulation teaches leaders how to use power to resolve conflicts, communicate effectively, solve problems, and manage positive change in the corporate culture. It helps participants understand why the decisions, behavior, and attitudes of leaders are often misperceived by their followers. It helps participants who are power averse understand what they must do to improve their effectiveness and helps those who are power prone understand what discipline they must employ to use their power effectively.

Who is it for? 
This workshop & simulation is ideal for:

  • New managers and supervisors.
  • Technical people who have been promoted into leadership positions without managerial training.
  • Managers who have lost their motivation to be effective leaders.
  • Any person who needs to know how to resolve conflicts, develop higher order thinking skills, develop one's personal leadership style, understand which behavior and attitudes toward power make him or her more or less effective.
  • Participants who are power averse and need to understand what behavior changes are necessary to use power effectively.
  • Participants who are power prone and need to understand the pitfalls of using power and, more importantly, how to use power effectively.
  • Participants who need to understand that leadership requires much more than just being nice to people or working hard to achieve personal goals.


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