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Soft Skills for Leading Teams


This five day workshop provides participants with the skills and tools to successfully lead a team in assessing organizations as well as implementing required changes and improvements. The course not only focuses on the essentials of team building - the requirements of a successful team - but also on how to best successfully communicate with and motivate teams. Part of the course involves the administration of a simple self evaluation which identifies the personality style of each of the participants - and then utilizes the communications skills learns to best deal with each of the other personality type as well as others of the same personality type.


The objectives of the workshop are for participants to:

  • Be able to better communicate with others - listening, questioning, and providing and receiving feedback. (positive, negative, constructive, etc.)
  • Understand their own personality style and how to best relate to others who have their own or another personality style
  • Build a team with the required foundation components - e.g. team charter, rules, etc.
  • Lead a team - how to deal with difficult people, negotiate with others in the team, etc.
  • Motivate team members through all of the team stages - storming, norming, performing,
  • Be able to create, implement and monitor team project and action plans.

    Anyone who will be leading teams.


    No prerequisites to this class


    Attainment of Personal and Organizational Goals


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