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Finance for the Non-Financial Professional


This two-day workshop focuses on providing participants with the ability to understand the financial statements covered in annual reports (including Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement), ratios monitored on financial reports, and calculations (Payback, Breakeven, Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return) utilized in order to evaluate capital investments and other pro-forma statements.


The objectives of the workshop are for participants to:

  • Be able to interpret the data presented in an Annual Report from both a financial and non-financial perspective
  • Understand the three basic Financial Reports - Income Statement (also referred to as "Profit and Loss"), Balance Sheet (also referred to as "Statement of Net Worth), and Cash Flow Statement
  • Be able to calculate the financial ratios used to evaluate an organization by shareholders, banks, the market
  • Be able to calculate, on the basis of provided data, the Breakeven, Payback, Net Present Value, and Internal Rate of Return for potential investments and compare/contrast investment opportunities
  • Understand how they and others impact their organization's financial statements.

    Anyone who is interested in understanding Annual Reports and the investment evaluation process.


    No prerequisites to this class


    Attainment of Personal and Organizational Goals


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